Nas Responds To Rumors He Released A Secret EP As The Rapper Your Old Droog

(AllHipHop News) Online Hip Hop fans had been debating for months whether underground emcee Your Old Droog was actually rap legend Nas in disguised. Droog released a self-tiled EP in June, and while reports have concluded that he is not Nasir Jones, the rumor still lives on via Hip Hop forums and social media.

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Nas was asked about the Droog speculation during an interview with MTV. The Queens representative claims he has not been following the stories of him secretly dropping a project under a different name.

“What do you mean a secret Nas album?” asked Esco. “I have no idea what you’re talking about… I don’t even know what [a secret EP] means. I don’t want a secret EP. I want you to know it’s me when I drop.”

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Watch Nas’ interview below.

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