Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lecrae Diss Terminally Ill Man?

Oh Snap! This is the crazy sort of rumor you don’t hear often! Lecrae is the uber successful and dope rapper with a Christianity shwing! But, I heard there is somebody that may be praying a different prayer Apparently, a man that was on the verge of dying had one request, before passing through those pearly gates. He wanted a call and a prayer from Lecrae. From what I understand, he tried to get the rapper, but was unable to do so through several channels and it seemed like he simply got dissed as he faced the Lord above. He never get that call and still hasn’t. Clearly, he’s clear that Lecrae is a busy man and quite frankly, probably gets these sorts of requests all the time so it may have not been a diss at all. And, to keep it real, the dude that faced death is a good person so he’s not looking to tear him down. And I say “faced” death, because his ailment ended up working out – so to speak. He’s not going to die from this. He is disappointed though. Lecrae isn’t a preacher. He’s a rapper. We probably should cut him a break in that regard.


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