Daylyt Kicked Out Of Battle Rap Event For Trying To Take A Dump On Stage (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Battle rapper Daylyt has become known for his over the top antics during his matches. In past bouts, the Los Angeles native has stripped to his boxers and pulled out his penis, but during his latest battle Day literally tried to take a s**t on stage.

[ALSO READ: D12’s Bizarre In Talks To Battle Daylyt In December] reports Daylyt’s match against Real Deal at the “Duel In The Desert” event in Phoenix was cut short after Day dropped his pants in order to defecate. Prior to that, the crowd began to get annoyed with his antics throughout the battle and began booing.

“If I hear two more boos, I’ma take a boo boo on stage,” Day told the audience.

The booing continued and Daylyt attempted to keep his word of going to the bathroom right in front of everyone. Security was able to grab Day before he actually completed his mission. He was then thrown out of The Celebrity Theater.

“I’m just a gay Black man trying to make it in this world. That’s it,” said Daylyt outside the venue. “I told them weeks in advance don’t put everybody after me cause I’m gonna shut the event down. I told them.”

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Watch videos of the incident and a BR interview with Daylyt below.


Security pulling @daylyt2k14 off this stage before he could shit. He'll get it someday.

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Daylyt removed from the building. @daylyt2k14

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