FRESH HEAT: Reem Cassanova – "Where Dreams Die" ft Bynoe

Fresh off the success of tracks like “Spray” and “Living Wrong,” Bronx native Reem Cassanova is returning with more music to complement his Day of the Beard (D.O.B.) project.

Accompanied by a Day of the Beard cartoon, Reem Cassanova‘s animated episodes and music on Day of the Beard have received critical acclaim and attention from a host of fans in New York and the East Coast region.

Now with a new song titled, “Where Dreams Die” featuring Bynoe (of Riot Squad fame with Stack Bundles and Chinx), Reem Cassanova is looking to reach even more fans with this heartfelt track about the shortcomings of many of his peers in the Bronx.

“The title is kind of self explanatory, but it paints the picture of the neighborhood where I come from. All of us started in sports and so forth and it seems like all the dreams that we had got tarnished by the environment. The drugs the peer pressure, and nobody from that area actually pursued their dreams they once had. Everyone is pretty much pursuing different things,” Reem said.

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