Mike Brown Protesters Encounter An Unfriendly Crowd At St. Louis Cardinals Game

Though it has been two months since 18-year-old Mike Brown was gunned down, tensions are still high in Ferguson, MO. On Monday (Oct.6), protesters gathered outside of Busch Stadium before a St. Louis Cardinals vs.  Los Angeles Dodgers game to continue to rally for justice on behalf of the late teen.

Unfortunately, there were also Cardinals fans outside of the stadium and they were not too pleased with the demonstrators. As they chanted and hoisted their picket signs, the crowd booed and made racist comments.

“If they were working we wouldn’t have this problem,” one elderly white man said in the video, which was uploaded by Argus Streaming News.

The crowd also tried to drown out the protesters’ chant of  “Justice for Mike Brown” with “Let’s Go Cardinals!” However, that chant later turned into “Let’s Go Darren!,” referring to Darren Wilson,  the officer who shot Brown down on Aug.9th.

One white woman told the protesters “We’re the ones who f—in’ gave all y’all the freedom that you got!”

Watch the clip below.

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