Pelle Pelle Makes Return With Rahzel Featured Cypher in NYC

Pelle Pelle first came on the scene in 1978, and early on in Hip-Hop’s years they became synonymous with hip hop participating in the culture from its very inception.

Despite emerging as a leather outerwear company, Pelle Pelle asserts that they were the first company to introduce the baggy jeans that fast became a hip hop fashion staple still prevalent today.

To date Pelle Pelle is known for intricately detailed leather jackets that have been worn by some of hip hop’s biggest stars like TI, 50 Cent and French Montana. Their contributions to hip hop fashion are so rich, that they were even given a cameo in the movie Notorious. The brand was even given the opportunity to design custom jackets for the founders of hip hop, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, when they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Recently Pelle Pelle released a freestyle featuring the legendary beatboxer Rahzel, formerly of The Roots, with his son Rahzel Jr. Today, they’re releasing a full length cipher, featuring a host of emcees, including Dice, Dunn LeMagne, Pep the Champ, WarChyld, and Lotto Aura, with Rahzel, the Godfather of Noyze, beatboxing in the background.

Check out the #PellePelleBoyz in all their glory below and let us know what you think.