Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne Fires Shots At His Baby Mommas?

From the sounds of things Lil Wayne is fed up with the haters.

Wayne’s exes (especially Nivea) have made no secret of expressing their disdain for his new relationship with singer Christina Milian.

On Lil Wayne’s new track, “Take Care,” it sounds like he may firing off shots towards his bitter exes:

“They be hatin’ on my girl though

And they wish they was the b-tch they’re hatin’

Salutations to my old hoes And thank you for your participation

No chaser for my girl though

She go harder than me on occasion.”

Look at Wayne takin’ up for Tina Turnup…Wayne probably got a few pissed off phone calls and rants after he dropped this track. SMH.

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