Major – “96” (Produced By LostDreamer)

If you’re a hip-hop head a lot of you are familiar with the phrase “like we bringin’ ’88 back”. To the previous generation this was an ode to a time when the game was at a peak and a way to pay homage to the era that was. Step into the current wave of artists who remember a different time when the rhymes were grimy, extravagant and ignorant. We refer to this as simply ’96. New York native Major captures the feel perfectly on his brand new single of the same name, embodying what it was to be a part of arguably the biggest year hip-hop has ever given us. Backed by a dark and synth driven beat produced by LostDreamer, the now Florida transplant puts in bar work reminiscent of his idols that will leave you questioning just exactly what year it is. This will live on his upcoming project “The Century” which is slated for release in 2015. Look for the visuals, coming soon.

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