Leaked Mike Brown Autopsy Report Raises More Questions Than Answers

Though the Grand Jury is still deliberating on whether or not charges will be filed in relation to the slaying of Mike Brown, after leaking the autopsy report the St. Louis Post has sparked new fears that no charges will be brought against Officer Darren Wilson, as protesters have already started preparing for the worst.

Using documents prepared by the St. Louis County medical examiner, the Post is reporting that Brown may have been reaching for the officer’s gun at the onset of the shooting, though this speculation comes from two experts not actually directly related to the case. Additional information which alleges that Brown was “belligerent” comes from Detective Hokamp of the St. Louis Police Department, though critics have already noted that the actual police report is largely blank, leaving questions unanswered as to what exactly transpired.

According to the autopsy report, “The deceased body sustained multiple gunshot wounds: three wounds to the head, one wound was to the top of the head, right eye and right central forehead area.” The report summarizes that the official cause of death were the gunshots sustained to the head and the chest.

Assistant medial examiner Gershom Norfleet who actually  performed the autopsy, has advised that he was called to the scene roughly 90 minutes after Brown was killed with the official time of death documented as 12:15pm on August 9th. Norfleet has declined to give any additional comments.

The Grand Jury has until January 2015 to decide whether official charges will be filed or not.

Mike Brown Autopsy Report Leaked

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