Dom Kennedy Talks New Music And The Independent Grind

Since releasing his Get Home Safely album last year, Dom Kennedy has been quiet, dropping a few features here and there while touring. During a stop at Howard University’s homecoming, Dom revealed that the wait for the next album will soon be over.

“I been working on new music, man, for real,” said the OPM rep. “I been working non-stop. I put out a little groundwork for my new project before I actually went on road and then immediately after the Get Home Safely tour we was just kicking back and working.”

The LA native also spoke on his experience as an artist on the independent grind.

“I don’t really look at it as independent no more…I just look at it like we’re like everybody else.We’re just trying to make something dope and hope that people respond to it and purchase it…”

Peep the sit-down with HNHH below to also see how Dom  feels the west and east coast compare to each other.


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