Young Dirty Bastard Calls AIDS "A Lie"; Says He Has Cancer

(AllHipHop News) The late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard was known for being very open with his views about the world. It appears his son has inherited that willingness to voice his thoughts on issues no matter how controversial the topic may be.

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Young Dirty Bastard sat down with Montreality and was asked what he thought was the biggest lie in the world. His answer included denying a deadly disease is natural and revealed he is fighting his own medical condition.

“AIDS is the biggest lie in the world. Man created AIDS. It didn’t come from a monkey,” stated YDB. “I think when you go to the hospitals they give you cancer. You get cancer from the foods. Actually, I got cancer in my balls right now, but I’m trying to beat it everyday.”

The Wu affiliate goes on to add that he does not see a doctor for his illness. Bastard offered advice on how to overcome a testicular tumor.

“The doctor’s gonna kill me. The doctor gets paid to kill me. Do some push-ups. Do some sit-ups. How you get your balls strong – you move your penis muscles. You squeeze your ass cheeks, and you move your penis muscles to keep your balls healthy,” he said. The “Wu World Order” rapper also suggests detoxing everyday and eating garlic.

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Watch Young Dirty Bastard’s interview below.


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