Far East Movement Releases Mini-Doc, K-Town Riot, that Reflects on '92 L.A. Riots

Native sons to Los Angeles, Far East Movement, continue using their unique perspective to innovate Hip-Hop’s timbre. The quartet has already toured the globed and earned acclaim for the chart-topping hit, “Like A G6.” The 2012 release of, Dirty Bass, has left their supporters eager for more.

With a refreshed musical resurgence, FM, will release the EP, K-Town Riot on October 28. Inspired by their community, the visceral images and lyricism reverberates with their home surroundings, Koreatown. The mini-doc, demonstrates the perspective of the ’92 L.A. Riots, that were experienced by the old and the new K-Town residents. The two part mini-doc boasts Roy Choi amongst others.