PREMIERE: Scoe ft. Xzibit – "Dey Ain't Ready"


“Dey Ain’t Ready,” a proclamation to the competition shows Scoe’s confidence. This easy, ode to indulgence, demonstrates the Philly transplant’s, comfort in the Cali sunshine and familiar settings. The Xzibit-assisted single, is directed by, Fredro Tovar, of A-Plus Films, culminates in a late-night recording session.

Pushing his pen since the age of 14, Scoe’s lyrics have appeared on, Kurput’s, critically acclaimed, Kuruption!,  and Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha. Scoe’s début, Young Roscoe Philaphornia, aroused attraction to his work. Subsequent efforts have garnered more interest. Tha Influence, will be released on November 11 through indie label, Kalifornia Dreamin. It will build upon the foundation of support he’s earned.


Check out “She Don’t Love You,” the lead single from Tha Influence.

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