Hip-Hop Rumors: Did A Legendary Rapper Have A Stroke?

I am hearing a rumor that’s not so good and hopefully it gets cleared up quickly. The word coming out of the West is that legendary O.G. rapper Spice-1 may have had a stroke recently. My sources tell me that he has not died from it, if it even happened. But this would be a harsh couple of years for the dude Spice-1. A ways bad he got shot. I will say this. Based on his Twitter, I can’t see any evidence of a stroke unless it was a very mild one, because he’s consistently been RT’ing people. Actual tweeting – not so much. We need more rappers like Spice-1 – real dudes that actually have skills.
Here is Spice-1 after he got shot.
Robert Green Jr., an East Bay Rapper known as "Spice 1," is recovering at a local area hospital Friday.

He said he stuck his finger in the bullet hole of his own body. That bullet is still in his body to this day, I’m hearing.

Image Source: insidebayarea.com


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