Young Berg…Is Listed As Most Wanted…For CHILD SUPPORT!

Oh snap…this ain’t gonna end well. Yung Berg is seemingly doing the damn thing. He’s on Love and Hip-Hop Los Angeles. He’s writing and whatnot and has a new lease on rap life. The crazy this is…the boy got a kid. It looks like Bergie is in arrears on his child support to the tune of $86,000+! You can’t be walking about free world as you owe your child all that money! I know there’s two sides to the story so many he’s been putting a few bucks here and there and it hasn’t been credited to his debt! I hope he saved those receipts!

Anyway, while this bubbles, the boy Berg is all on the internet looking crazy!


Damn, Berg…listed with all the other alleged losers.

Remember this:

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