Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Nicki Taken Or Not?

I don’t get it. These people want their lives to play out like a soap opera, I’m convinced. The last few days/weeks (time is meaningless in this line of work), Safaree Samuels – aka the rapper dude dating Nicki Minaj – apparently is no longer dating Nicki. They were together for about 10-14 years (time!). But recently they have reportedly broken up. Maybe it was a ploy to get press, but the dude removed most of his Nicki tats. That’s a drastic move if things are going well with somebody, right? Safaree recently commented on all the chatter telling people to “give it a rest. He also stated that he heard a song from Nicki months ago, inferring he and she are still cool in some capacity. Lastly, he has been tweeting about her new stuff quite a bit. I don’t know. Who cares and best of luck. He is a lucky dude though for even being able to be with Nicki. He’s trying to establish himself as an artist on the solo side.

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