Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Yung Berg Flip Because His Card Was Declined?

This relationship is starting off on a bad note…

Yung Berg was arrested after taping the LHHH reunion special after he choked his now girlfriend and fellow cast-mate Masika out. Rumors have been running ramped over what caused the attack, but TMZ claims they know why.

“According to sources close to Yung’s GF, Masika Tucker … after a booze-filled night at the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” reunion show in NYC, Berg went to pay his bill, but the card was over the limit.

Yung stormed out, went to his hotel and Masika followed. She told him she paid the bill and schooled him for leaving her … and he reacted by grabbing her by the neck, throwing her on the bed and pulling her out of the room by her hair.

Yung then allegedly continued his assault by choking her out.

TMZ broke the story … Yung was arrested for “obstruction of breathing.””

Word is Masika is sticking by her man saying its totally out of his character, blaming it on the alcohol…riggghhhttt…

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