Mike Brown's Parents Scheduled To Speak At The United Nations

While a grand jury debates on the fate of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, Mike Brown’s parents are heading to the United Nations.

The Associated Press reports that Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden are going to Switzerland to speak at a human rights conference where they will address the 53rd Session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture. St. Louis University assistant law professor Justin Hansford is helping them organize the trip and soliciting donations.

Brown and McSpadden plan to leave on Nov. 10th and speak at the UN on Nov. 12th and 13th.

Hansford told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the late teen’s parents are “taking their grievances to a world stage because they feel they have not gotten justice from state, local and federal governments in the death of their son.”

Hansford was able to initiate this trip for Brown and McSpadden by submitting a 13-page statement to the committee that outlined the events where officers used excessive force during peaceful protests in Ferguson. MO.

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62 Responses to “Mike Brown's Parents Scheduled To Speak At The United Nations”

      • EDOGZ818

        Maybe, what if it were your parents he mugged & came close to beating down, like the store clerks?

        What if you were the cop & he broke your face & tried to take your gun, would you have shot?

        Plenty of Black Panthers that are legitimate targets of oppression or even everyday Black people, but C’mon, this was some fugg chet!

        Ok, if this is the catalyst to set it off, ok, understandle, but the whole holding up hands & yelling “Don’t Shoot!” & clapping a brother on the weekend for stepping on some made in Taiwan Jordans is str8 weaksauce.


        OK, I had to think this over because usually your comments be on point. My problem is Disrespecting the Man that not here to defend himself, This whole case is suspect. the media Blackout, The hiding of that cop. The bullet pattern the way that kid was shot. But u dug in the man background and that make it OK. What if your Brother got gunned down like that? Would u be so Self Righteous then. I guess when they let this MF go u gonna throw a party.

      • EDOGZ818

        Not really suspect, it was handled by the book.

        The cop remained quiet, like a smart person would have, but the media blackout was some fuggery, but so were the protest that inspired it.

        You never answered though, would you have shot him for breaking your momz face while mugging her for a box of swishers?

        This & Trayvon were the wrong battles to fight, yet the Pres put Assata on the Most Wanted list as #1….now that’s some chet to be upset about, IMHO.

        If you swing on a cop, or any armed gunman, chances are, he’s going to squeeze off.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        every “what if” your using is used on panthers too. in your example the prez SHOULD put assata on the FBI most wanted list. didnt she break out of jail, isnt that illegal? what if you was a cop and assata and her thugs who broke her out assaulted you and broke your face in the process of freeing her, would you not want her to be punished for her crime? we can do that with anybody and anything. mumia shouldnt be on the radio and should die in silence and give the family who he killed…………see what im saying, we can do that all day. MLK broke laws and was an immoral man because he cheated on his women according to FBI (who are known liars). we can do that all day. according to your examples the only time we can stand up is if we have a clean record and never done anything wrong to be demonized by the media THEN and only then can we protest or speak out? thats insane

      • EDOGZ818

        It’s not the clean record, every black has a record in the US, dayum near, but it’s what they were doing.

        I’m not debating LEGAL vs Illegal, I’m talking about Right Vs Wrong.

        Assata breaking out & trying to live free according to GOD’s law, was right, mugging some one for personal gain is wrong & some low life chet, IMHO.

      • EDOGZ818

        Trayvon was a thug, and he had a right to stand his ground, but again, Blacks bring knuckles to a gun fight, knowing full well that there “Ain’t no 1/2 Stepping” Big Daddy Kane told us that!

        Bloods or Crips do a drive by, will you run up on them gatless, talking about “Turn it down for what?”

        Nah, you respect that power, maybe not fear it, but respect it in the sense that you get right before stepping, correct?

        Bottom line = When dealing with jake, it’s either “Yes sir” or “No sir” or come out blasting, anything in between = playing yourself.

        That is the lesson.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        trayvon was a thug???
        the kid went to the store and was on his way back from the store. what was the “thuggin'” he was doing? you just said mike brown was a mugger and said he stole cigs. so what made trayvon a thug that night?

      • EDOGZ818

        By swinging instead of getting low, but why no Trayvon civil suit if his death was wrongful?

        Civil = Lower standards of evidence than criminal, in other words, his school records about fights, his tweets about knocking ninjaz out, even his friends tweeting him to chill because he’s fighting too much & would end up getting shot, etc., is admissible, the weed pics, etc….all that would have came into play, painting Tray as a violence prone thug that got clapped while attacking a law abiding citizen that was lawfully defending himself, and in reality, even if Tray would have took the gat & popped Zim, he would have probably went to jail too, unjustly, but that’s reality.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        and GZ drug use, and assaults and domestic charges wouldve been on trail too. trayvon just turned 17 GZ was 26. to me, it seem like Nagas scared to rock the boat

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, not scared, they trying to rock it at the UN, the case just didn’t have merit.

        GZ = Only witness, no csi reconstruction like on TV, his whiteness, Tray’s Blackness, all played a role in every ambulance chasing lawyer’s decision to pass on the stinker of a case, even for the free publicity.

        Unattainable victory | filing cost & unrecoverable lawyer fees.


        I’m from the South so maybe I’m Bias. Shit happens like this all the time. but you’re never see it in the News. City Cops are the worst, young dudes got a piece of paper, or from the army, no experience in dealing with confrontation, eager to pull the trigger, and these are the results. You can keep believing that bullsh*t if u want, but every time a young black man is murdered by a cop ( That’s unarmed) I will always be suspicious. By the book, Don’t make me laugh, Anything man made have flaws. U know that. Wait a minute, u said Trayvon and this one was the wrong one to fight. OOOOKAY!

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, it’s always suspicious, even when ARMED, like the WalMart Ohio shooting, and that was a better case than Mike Brown.

        I grew up in the city & know the cops are beasts, but so are the criminals.

        It’s a fine line.

        “Rappaz getting chopped like head on a fat cow!” Freddy Foxx- Roll with the Flava unit


        They boost us up, then let us down, and now it seems like we are crying wolf….on the international stage.

        It’s chess, not checkers.

        Mike Brown’s mom can address the UN with open felony cases? and TRUE Black leaders with impeccable backgrounds, can’t?

        They playing chess & we still playing checkers.


        OK, I don’t play Chess. I can’t solved Worldly Problem. You looking at if from a City View, and I’m Looking at From The South. A Whole different Ballgame. That Sh*t that happen in St Louis happens in the south all the time.

      • EDOGZ818

        Happens in the city too.
        Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Elanor Bumpurs, Michael Stewart, Abner Louima, Anthony baez, Larry Davis, & many more.

        Not sure about now, but back in the day, Up South was worse than Down South.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        when the news article say ” in a RARE case”, NYpolice is being charged for beating that 16 year old. i think up south is worst. i live down south now and these cops go to jail down here lol


        The North will never, Let me repeat this NEVER, compare to the race relation of the south. U know this. U just f*cking with me.


        Yeah, I never been up north, so I can’t speak on it. It’s probably just as bad but different, like u said. Agree.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        who are these “true “black leaders who cant speak at the UN?

      • EDOGZ818

        Chokewe Lumumba (RIP) was one, Malcolm, Martin, D’horuba Bin Wahad, and even our scholars, but what has the Brown family done to help the struggle?

        They raised a thug…or apparently, let the streets raise one.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “Mike Brown’s mom can address the UN with open felony cases? and TRUE Black leaders with impeccable backgrounds, can’t?”

        i asked who are the true black leaders who cant? you giving me dead people and people who did speak at the UN. so in this era we have no one worthy enough to speak to the UN? you keep referring to mike brown and trayvon as thugs when that was the same label giving to the panthers and similar “titles” was giving to the “true” black leaders you mentioned. they not “thugs” NOW cause we aint living in that era, i speak to my old head about they experiences in the eras i wasnt born in and the ones i spoke to (my moms being one) said the panthers was painted as criminals.

      • EDOGZ818

        Yes, the Panthers were painted as criminals & were criminals under the law, but they were right & the laws were wrong, whereas robbing old folks to get high is wrong, even if it’s legal.

        ( IE: Wallstreet, Taxation, etc.)

        These folks think many moves ahead, after Mike Brown’s mom addresses the UN, heartfelt & all, but if Mike B robbed the store, resisted arrest by force, injured the officer, requiring hospitalization, went for the cops gun & was shot while charging at the cop, think about how that audience will feel if those facts came out…..& think about how they will feel when a true case of injustice comes out, and them folks be like “Just like the Mike Brown case, the facts will prove they deserved to die, etc.!”

        They are laying a foundation of discredit for us to stand on.

        Look at the Pres, hasn’t done anything for Black people & won’t, so when the next white guy gets back in, and we try to pressure them to do something for us, 1st thing they will kick is “You had one of your own in & didn’t press him to do chet, don’t step to me about it!” etc..

        They planning long term.

    • jazzoh

      Muggers go to prison every day come out and decide to change and maybe become a judge or other influential figure this should not excuse a police officer shooting him in the middle of the street with his hands up in the air on any day one of the first questions that would be asked in a self defense case would be was this persons life in imminent danger back in the day they used to put a gun on the ground to justify now the pr people hit the street and dirty a person so people think nothing of the fact that an unarmed person with their hands in the air was shot in the first place this stuff used to be plainly obvious now we are so we are the world we don’t even peep it

      • jazzoh

        Then this woman is understandably emotional over people trying to profit off of her dead son and she is seen as a thug?? Or she shouldn’t speak in front of the U.N smh

      • EDOGZ818

        I agree 100%, but what if those muggers resisted their day in court, physically, and even went for the cop’s gun, which places the cop’s life in danger, as an officer, would your shoot or arm wrestle with the bigger attacker for your firearm, that is loaded?

        So the details haven’t emerged yet & un-sworn eyewitness caught on video & audio at the scene, described Mike Brown as the aggressor, but you saw the store robbery tape, saw his physically intimidating, violence threatening conduct, and with the short, white cop standing between him & one of those robbery sentences, do you doubt he wouldn’t have tried to punch his way through, like he appeared to be willing to do for some Dutchmaster’s?

      • jazzoh

        Facts are he was running away when he got shot he had his hands up strong arm shoplifting some Dutch Masters should not be punishable by death even though the 2 things had little to do with each other they kill a black teen then say he was arrested for trespassing and possession of Marijuana 4 mo earlier we never used to buy that but looks like times changed and facts are in most cases the suspect would have been allowed to run away before the cop starts letting off in a resedential area around innocent families


        Micheal Brown’s parents addressing the “53rd Session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture” is the joke. On what grounds are they addressing the UN? All the facts aren’t even known about the Micheal Brown case yet. Seems a bit premature don’t you think? There are people the world over truly suffering torture at the hands of state apparatuses and their spot is being taken by Micheal Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “There are people the world over truly suffering torture at the hands of state apparatuses and their spot is being taken by Micheal Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden.”

        WOW………..so let me get this straight. according to you Mike Brown Sr and Lesley Mcspadden is taking the spot of people “really suffering”. so im guessing you was on the side of the police during the rodney king beating


        They’re sufferring emotionally but not as a result of TORTURE! Like how if they lived in Iraq the state police might come and take them in the middle of the night and keep them in a cell chained to a wall with beatings every couple hours just for protesting. Do you see the difference?????

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        im not iraqi, im black and there are issues that need to be address when dealing with the plight of black people here in america and more importantly around the world. Malcolm came to the same realization of this. i dont understand why your minimizing it like these are pan handlers looking for a check. the issues black people are facing DO need to be addressed. what i find interesting is when we AINT doing nothing then the talk is for action. when we burning and looting the talk is for strategy. and now that we taking this to a NATIONAL stage black people doing this ISNT important? this is a step looooong over due and tried before, even Johnny Cochran was bout to do the same thing. to minimize this and then say some other race deserve the spot and not us just sound weird.

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, but Mike Brown was a mugger, and if he Deebo’d your famz & was gonna break your mom & dad’s face so he could get high for free off them, you would have shot him too.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        and rodney king was high. so with that example we shouldve ignored the police brutality?

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, we should cross our T’s & dot our I’s.
        ~~~~> In Charles S Dutton’s voice :”The hunt is on & your the prey!”

      • jeanne spivey

        It will be a joke if they allow Michael Brown’s mother to speak, as she has just been arrested for assault and felony robbery.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        what do being arrested have to with speaking to the UN?

  1. Markus

    The mother needs to lay low for now. Don’t know why whatever took place happened but her being involved wasn’t smart. Especially when the whole nation has eyes on you if you even jay walk let alone allegedly assault someone. The husband needs to have her stay away from the media. Their questions won’t even be about her son now.

  2. putt230

    I’m glad that the parents of MB are representing the citizens of the USA. They earned the right for such a platform- they are upstanding, educated people and superb parents. I want the rest of the world to know that their voice reflects all Americans. On that fateful day, it could have been ANY of us- or ANY of our kids. MB was a good person who didn’t deserve the ruthless attack from that abusive Caucasian police animal.
    The UN is certain to influence the police activities in Missouri and small towns across this country.

    • truth✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      if they were such great parents, why did their child just robbed a store? It seems to me he robbed the store, and probably thought the cop was going to come after him.

      this is disgraceful, black people do not seem to know how to raise their own. When you don’t raise your own right, and they go around acting street, why should anyone care if they are killed by their own actions?

      • putt230

        You are incorrect. I believe the robbery conviction was thrown out….. wait a minute. I’m wrong. He never stood trial. A cop killed him and he never had a chance to defend himself against that allegation.

      • truth✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        Incorrect about what? I asked if his parents are so great, why did he rob a store? I do not need a verdict from a jury to tell me what I just saw on a video, of their son acting like a little animal. I’m glad he’s dead. We need less of him and more officers.

        Regardless of this false stigma you feel about police, think about it. We can see 100s of stories in a year, but that represents less than 1 percent of officers. I do not think they join the force to pick on black people. I think white officers are always having to deal with black people because black people commit so much crimes, and then we have people like you giving black people digital hand jobs like they’re angels.

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