John Legend Responds To Piers Morgan Call To "Eradicate The N-Word"

Former CNN host and journalist Piers Morgan has created a firestorm of controversy after posting a column for the Daily Mail titled If Black Americans Want The N-Word To Die, They Will Have To Kill It Themselves” in which he advises that in order to combat racism, African Americans must first eradicate the “N-Word” from their own vocabulary.

Responses have varied from admiration to outrage, resulting in a larger debate about whether simply removing the word will remove the mindset that created it. Given America’s unique history with race, many have called into question whether Piers, who is an English native, truly understands the magnitude of the issue itself.

Standing by his thoughts on the matter, Piers took to his Twitter account to defend his viewpoint asserting that “I don’t recall Martin Luther King Jr. ever using the N-Word.”

Artist John Legend chimed in by addressing Piers directly and adding “If only this entire race of hundreds of millions of diverse people would agree on a vocabulary change, people would treat them better.”

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