Media Hour/Luncheon With Mr. Maurice Hennessy


AllHipHops DJ Hustle talked with Hennessy Global Ambassador Mr. Maurice Hennessy , 8th generation descendant of the Hennessy family. The event was hosted at the lavish Hercules Estate in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. The first was a private tasting and luncheon in the early afternoon, followed by an intimate tasting and dinner that evening.

Hennessy Prestige Range tasting including Hennessy XO, Hennessy Paradis Impérial, and Richard Hennessy with Mr. Maurice Hennessy.  Throughout the tasting, Maurice spoke proudly about the brand, its refined marques and the history of the almost 250-year old spirit. Delectable meals followed the tastings which were prepared by renowned celebrity chef Gary Arabia who crafted each entree to complement the rich selection of cognacs. Mr. Maurice Hennessy says what’s in store, there will be Hennessy stores coming soon.