Troy Ave Addresses "Beef" With ILoveMankonnen; Questions How A Hairdresser Raps About Selling Drugs

(AllHipHop News) The reported problems brewing between Troy Ave and ILoveMankonnen have led to all types of speculation including rumors the Brooklyn rapper was involved ILM being assaulted in NYC. Troy stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to discuss the alleged beef between the two entertainers.


“Man that’s just like Twitter stuff. Everything is overhyped now,” said Troy. “I don’t know what it was… I never met the dude. I just liked his record, so I remixed it. I do it to everybody’s record.”

ILoveMankonnen’s disapproving tweets about the remixes to his hit song “Tuesday” led to the perceived issues. That same day Troy posted a tweet that read, “#we gon see about thum comments when we see u fat b#tch!”

“I be realizing now that the bigger I get in music that everything gets taken out of context. Even a tweet,” stated the BSB Records emcee. “The internet thugs and the Twitter guys they outnumber the real ones. They can blow something out of proportion and make it look bigger than it is.”

Troy goes on to question how someone that was a former hairdresser can rap about selling drugs. He acknowledged if ILoveMankonnen was involved in dealing narcotics then that is “his prerogative,” but Troy added artists that did not live that lifestyle should not step into his lane of making music about the drug game.

“When I rap about it I give you the good, the bad. I don’t just give you glorified – ‘getting money, getting money,'” Troy explained. “Sometimes people listen to a rapper who talks about all the pros. And then if a kid or somebody that’s influenced by that gets into a jammed up situation they can’t look to their music to show them how to get out of that situation.”

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Watch Troy Ave’s interview below.


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