Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Erica Mean Skip Out On Tab?

Bow Wow may be showering LHHNY star Erica Mena with expensive gifts, but maybe next time he should just hand over some cash.

A source for MediaTakeout says the reality star had a birthday celebration at their job at racked up a pricey bill:

“My job has these events once a month. Last night it was an Erica Mena birthday celebration and she racked up a bill a little over $500 then walked out on it.

We were hoping it was an honest mistake but by her reaction via Instagram I’m almost sure it was purposely done.

She deleted the comment left on her post about it have no explanation/apology and unfollowed my coworker who left the comment. So wack and disrespectful and my coworker who had the tab with her is at risk for termination”

Erica_Thief1Photo Courtesy Of: MediaTakeout


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