Missouri's KKK Issues Threats To Ferguson Protesters

A Missouri chapter of the Ku Klux Klan has taken action towards putting a stop to Ferguson protesters. They have given fliers to St. Louis residents that label protesters “terrorists” and comparing their peaceful protests to terrorizing citizens. They threaten to take “lethal force” and justify their actions under Missouri law.

kkk ferguson


The head of the KKK, Frank Ancona, told the media that the organization’s threats to Ferguson protesters have boosted their recruitment. These threats haven’t slowed demonstrators down and they continue to rally in Mike Brown’s honor. The grand jury, who have been meeting since Aug. 20th, is still debating on whether or not to charge officer Darren Wilson with a crime for shooting the 18-year-old and is expected to make a decision this month. It is reported there is fear of their ruling setting off another wave of riots and chaos throughout the city.

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