Hip-Hop Rumors: Erica Mena Will Give Up Reality TV For Bow Wow

Well people, get ready for your last dosage of Erica Mena drama, because after her marriage with Bow Wow, she will no longer grace your television screens.

In an exclusive interview with Vibe, Mena revealed that she felt it was time to bow out gracefully and tend to the needs of her man.

“No. It’s time to be a wife. It’s time to be the woman my man needs. My man don’t need a girl that’s on TV, my man needs a girl by his side. That’s really what it’s about right now for me. It’s kind of bittersweet, this whole process, especially filming this last season. Even though there’s still the Erica Mena crazy stuff going on, this really is the best season ever for me… I’ve had a good run. I’m bowing out gracefully, on my own terms. Plants need to be repotted every once in a while, and I need to repot myself. Love & Hip-Hop has opened doors for me, it’s even brought me to this position where I was actually able to host 106, and get to that level with Shad. I think it’s done everything it was supposed to do for me. Now it’s time to let another Erica Mena in the door.”

At least we’ll get one more season of foolery entertainment from Mena and find out what the hell happened with Cyn…

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