Slick Pulla Talks Michael Brown And Jeezy Arrest During The Under The Influence Tour

Recently sat down with Atlanta raper Slick Pulla to talk to him about his latest release “4th Ward Day II”. During the conversation Slick discuss his thoughts about Jeezy and other crew members being arrested during the “Under The Influence Tour”.
“It was basically profiling. We were the only motherf*&kers that fit the bill of some gangstas. So you know it was only right for them to come and harass us. “Those are the corporate gangsters so let’s get them.”
Furthermore, Slick shared his thoughts about the Michael Brown situation in Fergurson.
“I feel the same way I felt with Trayvon, the same way I felt with Oscar, It’s time to start making it where we are a self sufficient unit as a culture and as a team. I’m not saying go and ride and do something where you will get killed the first day… But I feel like if you exchange currency amongst your brothers and you educate the youth then we can make some progress.”


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