Hip-Hop Rumors: Tyga Skips Out On Party Because Underage Boo Denied Access?

Tyga decided to skip out on a club appearance in West Hollywood a few days ago, when the club decided to obey the law and not let his 17-year-old girlfriend friend Kylie Jenner in.


TMZ reports:

“Sources at Greystone Manor tell TMZ … Tyga begged and pleaded with promoters to get 17-year-old Kylie admitted — calling several times throughout the day. We’re told he even pushed his arrival time to 1:30 AM while trying to negotiate Kylie’s entry.

When the club wouldn’t budge — y’know, because of the law and stuff — he bailed.

We’re told Tyga pulling out pissed off sponsor, Ciroc, in a big way. The club is trying to reschedule, but since the 21-and-over rule isn’t changing … seems pretty hopeless.”

That’s what happens when your girl ain’t hit puberty yet…


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