Common Explains Why He Respects Chief Keef

(AllHipHop News) Common showed a lot of love to his hometown of Chicago on his 2014 album Nobody’s Smiling. The Hip Hop veteran even used the faces of fellow Chitown artists like King Louie, Lil Herb, Dreezy, Lil Bibby, and others for the album covers of the LP’s deluxe version.

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During a recent stop in Paris, Com was asked about another young Chicago artist – Chief Keef. While the “Speak My Piece” emcee admited that he does not know all of Keef’s music, Common did state he respects the 19-year-old rapper for what he brought to the game.

“I respect any artist that’s doing what they do. I don’t like everything. I don’t like every song that comes out, but if an artist is being themself…” said Common. “I think Chief Keef brought something that nobody else was doing. And he brought it raw. And he brought it real. With that, I have to respect that as an artist that he has come and brought that.”

Common also discussed the difference between the gang culture in Chicago now from when he was growing up, his views on President Barack Obama, his role in the movie Selma, and his experiences working with superproducers No I.D., Kanye West, J Dilla, and Pharrell Williams.

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