Nicki Minaj Talks "The Pinkprint" & Pushing Through Shyness During AMA Red Carpet Stop

While on the red carpet for the American Music Awards, Nicki Minaj revealed to E! News what scares the seemingly fearless emcee, discussed her upcoming The Pinkprint Album and addressed rumors surrounding a potential break from music.

On how she faces her fears, “People don’t know that, I feel shy a lot of times actually. I just push myself to go for it.”

She also went on to clear the air about a potential retirement, “I said it after the fifth album, I’m only about to put out the third album so that’s a long time from now.” She added, “It [The Pinkprint] really shows a lot of growth. I know that my fans are really going to appreciate the subject matter on a lot of the songs.”

After an initial delay, The Pinkprint will be available on December 15.

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