FRESH HEAT – MJ "Family First " ft Twista & GLC

As we approach the holidays, Chicago singer/rapper MJ releases his holiday inspired track “Family First.”  Joining MJ on the track are Chicago mainstay GLC and notorious Midwest word flipper Twista. The song will be featured on MJ’s upcoming debut project ChicagoParis set for release next year.

“For those that don’t know GLC is a legend out here. He worked with Kanye back in the day and he’s just someone in Chicago thats so well known and respected. He didn’t have to do that man, but he did,” MJ explained.

MJ is expected to release several songs and videos in the coming months with his ChicagoParis project on the cusp of its release.
“I opened up for Twista in Atlanta and I told him that I was working on some new material and then when I started recording this song I immediately thought of Twista and GLC. Both of them were on the College Dropout with Kanye so I thought it would be sick and so I sent it to them and they loved it.” MJ explained.


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