Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne's Manager Says Jas Prince Chased Him With Gun

This is going to get messier by the day.

Jas Prince filed suit against Cash Money Records for breach of contract, saying the company allegedly owes him $4 million in profits for rapper Drake.

Now Lil Wayne’s manager, who is also an exec Prince’s company Cortez Bryant lawyer says that his client only signed off on the documents because he was afraid for his life.


TheJasmineBrand reports:

“In the court documents, the lawyer explains that a deal was agreed upon by all parties but then a year later out of the blue, Jas showed up to where Cortez was and presented a new deal that he drafted by himself, which gave him more money from Drake’s music.

Cortez’s lawyer explains, my clients called in fear of their lives. The docs claim that Prince chased them around the table with a gun and threatened to kill them if they didn’t sign the new agreement. He goes on to say Cortez didn’t call the police because he feared for his life and he just signed the document.”

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