Témi – "Fire"

There’s nothing like real R&B!! Meet new R&B sensation Témi (Pronounced TayMe.) With his smooth appeal and powerful vocals he is ready to wow the world with a combination of passion and love. He brings the old school sound with a new age feel, exactly what the genre needs. Témi hit the scene in 2014 solo with his hit single, “Brick By Brick.” Now it’s time to set the summer heat in overdrive with his next track called, “Fire.”

Born in Nigeria, raised in Toronto this international superstar has now brought his talents to Atlanta, Georgia. Témi, formerly was a part of DTP’s group Untitl3d. Signed to DTP he and the group continued their goals for about 4 years when Témi realized he wanted to part ways and follow his solo career as he had originally started.

Témi is on a mission of falling in love with music all over again and taking you on a musical roller coaster from where it and he started. Témi wants to share his story and walk you through yours. Check out his single, “Fire” below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD7Vg8ycDXE&w=630&h=420]