From Pizza Hut Hustling to MTV: City Rominiecki Talks Life & Music with Hip Hop Since 1987


City Rominiecki is keeping it 100 about his rise to the top of Philly’s music scene. Recently, City sat down with Brandon Wyche of for a candid talk about life and music. City explained his philosophy on music, giving an in-depth view into the making of his latest mixtape, “T.I.N.A. (This Is Notta Album)”. “I marry them, divorce and find a new one,” says City about creating new songs. “You have to keep your mind open, or you’ll get stuck on one sound.” City also gave an honest account of his not so pretty life before his deal with OnDek Ent: “Honestly, I was homeless seven months ago,” says Rominiecki. “I was just getting music done as I could… from 18 to 25 I slept in parks and did all that.”

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