Q-Tip Speaks On Lil Wayne, Big Boi, Nas, Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs Joining Zulu Nation (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) For the past week, several Hip Hop artists have been announced as new members of the Universal Zulu Nation. Q-Tip led the charge in revealing that Lil Wayne and Big Boi have become part of the Hip Hop organization, and during a Zulu Nation meeting this week, Tip spoke about Wayne, Big, and other recent inductees.

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After addressing the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner and the perception of Hip Hop’s connection to their stories, Q-Tip confirmed that New York legend Nas, Pro Era front man Joey Bada$$, and Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs are now all officially members of the Universal Zulu Nation.

Q-Tip said:

I’m gonna let y’all know about some of the new inductees and what our plan – and when I say our I’m speaking specifically about mine and 9th Wonder, [what] our chapter is trying to do for the Nation. To really put a stronghold out there, so that we can be active and not just be angry. Not just be emotional but have a real thing there for change, a real vehicle, a real structure.

So some of the inductees we had recently are Nas. He joined. Joey Bada$$ joined. Freddie Gibbs joined. Last week Lil Wayne joined… and today Big Boi from OutKast joined.

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Watch video of Q-Tip’s address below.

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