Earl Hayes Recorded Song About Murder And Suicide Prior To Killing Himself And His Wife

As the tragic deaths of rapper Earl Hayes and his wife Stephanie Moseley are mourned, a new development has been revealed. Prior to the murder-suicide (Dec. 8), Hayes recorded a song called “Suicide” for his 2010 The First 48 mixtape that encouraged the idea of taking your own life and someone else’s.

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On the five minute track, he said things like “I could just kill us both/go out with a smash and take the bitter sweetest of death/it’s freedom at last”  and said that he’ll make an example out of himself and do what everybody is scared of. At the end of the song he stated “Fuck it living is boring.”

Give the disturbing track a listen below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZt_UxWyy6k]

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