50 Cent Talks "Beautiful Nightmare" Album, SMS Audio vs Beats, & Being Immortal Like Biggie & 2Pac

(AllHipHop News) Lately, 50 Cent has been making his rounds to the media once again. After interviews with Hot 97 and the New York Daily News hit the internet this week, another 50 Q&A conducted by The Guardian was published as well. During his talk with the British newspaper, the G-Unit leader covered a range of topics. Check out some excerpts from the interview below.

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On future albums:

That’s the title of one of my next albums. Street King Immortal is the new one to come out, but the one after that might be Beautiful Nightmare. I’ve got thousands of titles.

On his SMS Audio headphones versus Dr. Dre’s Beats By Dre:

I actually don’t own any Beats. And, yes, [SMS headphones] are better… Every time you get to that point, talking about SMS or Beats by Dre, it’s honestly not even an issue for Dre any more. They just sold the company, so it doesn’t matter now. They put the money in their pocket. If you look at the process we had to go through to make sure we had the right signature style for each headset, we wanted them to sound better across all genres of music. If you listen to some of the Beats headsets, the bass is a little heavier. It’s targeting a hip hop audience and that’s not as good. That’s just my opinion.

On comparisons to Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac:

You know what, I don’t think they’ll replace me now. Already my face is in the hearts of people who really love hip-hop music, and the culture’s growing to the point where you have people from all walks of life choosing it for their personal pleasure. So it’s already there. I don’t think it’s going to take me being killed to compare me to Biggie or 2Pac. I am immortal.

On Jay Z and Kanye referring to themselves as gods:

My album is called Street King Immortal and at one point being King of New York was everything. Hip-hop comes from New York City, so when you say Street King it actually works, it resonates, it’s a strong title. But they changed it, made it even bigger, about God himself – like when Kanye calls himself Yeezus. And then Jay Z calls himself Jay-Hova … A god instead of a king. That’s a little further than I would go.

To read the full article visit TheGuardian.com.

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22 Responses to “50 Cent Talks "Beautiful Nightmare" Album, SMS Audio vs Beats, & Being Immortal Like Biggie & 2Pac”

  1. La'shaun Saint Claire

    I feel that, because ya did that with the series power and you does that when your playing your part in movies. I feel ya.

      • Walinda Ivy

        50 cent is a self made millionaire that has gone down in history ALREADY! An entrepreneur, an actor, a dad, and a plethora of other things that sit this man away from the others. But the best love of Curtis is his music-a Gangster Rapper. Curtis is one of the few that has not compromised himself. I will support him every chance I get. I love his drive, his ambition and his music that he has given me over the years. 50 cent charisma and rap is branded in my soul. Ivy

  2. Markus

    Dude has his moments where he’s insightful at one point and overly arrogant at the next. This interview was no different. If he doesn’t sell another record or headphone, his career has been a successful one. Immortalized among the likes of Biggie and Pac? In my opinion, no. But successful none the less.

  3. Q.

    50 is a devil, and he knows he’s a devil. He’s comfortable playing that position. He got the wealth he was willing to die for, but how’s he really doing? He doesn’t seem that happy as a person.

  4. Dark Matters

    It’s kind of interesting. It’s gotten to the point where even rap fans speak like record company execs. Fiddy’s wins and contributions can be chalked up to the business of music, which is a great accomplishment – can’t take away from it.

    However, his contribution to the evolution of the art of hip hop is zilch. He didn’t evolve any rhyme styles, fashion sense or anything that can be considered a creative legacy. He did a great job of working hard, learning from greater minds than his and joining forces with the right teams. Crown him but let’s not exaggerate his significance.

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