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Chris Brown Discusses Love For Art While Spray Painting At Hot 97 (VIDEO)

Besides being an impressive singer and delivering fancy footwork, Chris Brown also gets busy on an art canvas.

While at Hot 97 in New York City, Breezy pulled out his spray cans and created a wacky looking piece while talking about how he discovered his love for art.

“I’ve been painting and messing up school property since I was about seven or eight,”  the “Loyal” singer laughed. “I used to go and paint shades or school buses and have fun with a lot of different stuff but a lot of it came from me making t-shirts. I used to make t-shirts and design on fabric and clothes. I would sell it or I would get someone to do my homework for the t-shirt.”

Watch Chris put his finishing touches on his masterpiece while talking about his favorite artists, whose work he admires and more below.



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