Hip-Hop Rumors: K. Michelle Breaks Down Live On Radio

Poor K. Michelle.

It seems like she keeps getting caught up in not so good situations dealing with men. Her recent heartbreak was her 8 month relationship with actor Idris Elba.

The Memphis born and bred singer has ton on record saying that the two were dating, but parted ways due to timing.

K. appeared on The Russ Parr Morning Show to promote her new album, ‘Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart,” and gave a few details on she and Elba’s situationship.

“Idris knows that with my music, I’m like the black Taylor Swift, I’m gonna write about you and I’m gonna talk about you – he really has no choice,”  K. said.

“In the past few weeks, I haven’t spoke about it with him, and I’m sure that he’s bothered. But my thing is, I feel like I’ve protected you for so long – these are my emotions that I deserve. And I have to now protect myself and deal with my emotions.”

Obviously too much to handle, she ended up leaving out of the interview to calm down. Listen to the audio below:


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