New Report Suggests Ferguson Witness Lied During Investigation

More questions have arisen, as details continue to emerge following a grand jury’s decision not to indict former Officer Darren Wilson in relation to the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown. As a federal investigation continues, The Smoking Gun has uncovered information which suggests that one of the key eyewitnesses lied during her testimony.

Sandra McElroy, revealed to be “Witness 40”, told the grand jury  that Brown had “battered Wilson then rushed the cop like a defensive end,” a talking point which was later picked up by a number of publications including Fox News. Ironically however, it has been discovered that McElroy was not even in the vicinity during the shooting.

Shortly after the grand jury verdict she posted a picture of the crime scene with a caption that read “Michael Brown already received justice. So please stop asking for it.” Even more disturbing is the fact that she has admitted to being bipolar yet admits she doesn’t take medication to regulate the mental illness.

On December 16 Rev. Al Sharpton claimed the report provided the Brown family with additional hope. “[It’s] not a fair process” Sharpton told the New York Daily News.



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