Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kim Kardashian Fed Up With Kanye Not Being Around?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Kim Kardashian didn’t quite understand exactly what she was getting herself in to when she married Yeezy, and is now somewhat regretting her decision.

“”The reason Kanye married Kim was that she told him she understood they wouldn’t be together all the time,” a close friend said. “Now she’s crying her eyes out to her family that she never sees him!”

The reality star, 34, is especially upset that she agreed to let her 37-year-old rap star hubby “live his own life,” sources divulged.

“Kanye told Kim that he needed to spend time alone ‘for the sake of his art,’” a pal revealed. “That’s why he has a home in Paris.””

Wellllll if you can’t stand the heat maybe it’s time to get up out that kitchen…

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