Hip-Hop Rumors: Karrueche Pissed At Amber Rose For Twerking On Chris

By now you’ve seen the video of Amber Rose and Chris Brown grinding off in the club. Word is Breezy’s girl wasn’t feeling it at all.

HollywoodLife reports:

“Karrueche sees Chris out and about, partying around town, and getting close to Amber Rose. She sees it, but this time, she’s not letting his childish games manipulate her. She’s not saying she doesn’t love him or that she doesn’t want to be with him, but she just isn’t falling for his games,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

And she’s not too concerned with Amber. In fact, Karrueche thinks Wiz Khalifa‘s ex is just “thirsty.”

“As far as Amber is concerned, Karrueche isn’t mad at her. If Amber’s that thirsty and wants to sleep with Chris, she can go ahead, he’s all hers. But if Chris falls for Amber, Karrueche will be done with him. She’ll be completely done and will never speak to him again!”

Regardless, Karrueche has lost a lot of respect for Amber.

“Karrueche thinks less of Amber and thinks she’s way out of line for grinding on her man like that. You’d never catch Karrueche flirting with Wiz [Khalifa] or anyone Amber’s been with. Karrueche is a real classy woman, but unfortunately, she can’t say the same for Amber,” our source adds.”

Karrueche has every right to be upset.  Amber would feel some type of way if it would have been the other way around and Karrueche was all on Wiz and made a point to address how she felt about Kim Kardashian…#butthatsnoneofmybusiness.

Watch the video if you haven’t caught it below:

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27 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Karrueche Pissed At Amber Rose For Twerking On Chris”

  1. RapItUp

    I love when a chicks ass is so big, all she gotta do is just pop it slowly and it’s rollin! Amber still a major HEAUX though, but I’d stand behind her in a subway all day

    • therealest1

      I think it’s disloyal my dude. And that’s shocking coming from you as you’re one of the few intelligent dudes on here constantly posting.

      You’re absolutely right, there’s wife material out there, but far and few unfortunately. Just take time, and have a rigid screening process.

      • Markus

        Definitely appreciate the comment but unloyal is a word. Disloyal is the more commonly used word no doubt but i didn’t make up that word i assure you.

      • Luca Brazi

        either way the comment was on point. Very few and far between. I don’t even think i’m ever getting married lol. I haven’t met a real chick like a chick i would put on the same level as my moms since 2001.

  2. bleadze

    This post is dumb childish game? Hid single so he ain’t allowd to dance in the club now??? Ain’t she the one showing her ass to every photog around n Chris is the one being childish? Yall should stop acting like tmz n posting biased ish

  3. William Witherz

    I’m mad I’m commenting on this… but the song was Back that Azz Up.
    The song was made for women like her! I don’t think she out here hoe’n. I don’t know why I’m partial to this baldheaded-Yeezy-taught-me chick.

  4. therealest1

    Nothing new here, you gotta let a hoe be a hoe since Boss told us that 21 years ago.

    Amber Rose is the definition of one.

  5. DiscussTED1

    Karrueche has every right to be upset. She and Amber are friends. You don’t twerk on your friends man EVEN when they are ex’s. Thats bad behavior……

    • Papi Peligro

      What?!?!? Did you go Inside the NBA on Thot activity. Slorimbotramps don’t have friends them are steps in the ladder to get to David Sterling and RUIN HIM.

  6. Sean Power

    Karrueche you better get back with chris or call Mona Scott if when keep this fame going only time any cares about is if it Chris brown

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