Find Out What Kanye West, Jay Z, DMX, Beyonce, & Diddy Request On Their Backstage Tour Rider

(AllHipHop News) It’s well-known that music superstars get amazing perks as part of their jobs. One of those advantages is being able to demand specific items and environments for their backstage dressing rooms at concerts.

Radar Online rounded up some of the reported tour rider requests for 30 of the biggest names in the industry. The famous folk on this list include Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyoncé, DMX, and Diddy. Check out their rider demands below.

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But now that he’s a dad, West is including riders for daughter North. The little girl reportedly needs a special $8,000 bed in the green room, plus a TV full of her favorite programs, and a personal chef on hand to prepare her favorite meals using only the finest organic ingredients, a source claimed.

Jay Z

Sources said while on the Legends Of Summer Tour with Justin Timberlake, Jay Z wanted a “gentleman’s club” atmosphere backstage. The hip hop titan had a full-time, on call cigar roller as part of his entourage.


The rapper apparently is a man with straightforward needs, according to his tour rider wish list, which included three boxes of condoms and one gallon of Hennessey!


Queen B stayed true to the products she represented, mandating Pepsi products only backstage, as well as Honey Nut Cheerios, ginger root, a two-man love seat, and her toilet scrubbed with disinfectant. The singer banned sweets and chocolate or crisps from her dressing room. But another report noted she’d once asked for juicy baked chicken, heavily seasoned with fresh garlic, season salt, black pepper, and Cayenne pepper.


The dapper hip hop mogul known for his luxury lifestyle had a lot riding on his tour, said The Little Red Riders Book, including 204 towels, 20 bars of soap, two bottles of Hennessy cognac, two bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, two bottles of Veuve Clicquot, a bottle of Dom Perignon, Grey Goose vodka, a boom box, a bouquet of white flowers, cheddar cheese, sour-cream chips, Sweet Tarts and a $300,000 bullet-proof Maybach.

To read Radar Online’s full “30 Most Outrageous Tour Rider Demands” visit here.

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