King Los: Jay Z & Andre 3000 Figured Out How To Be Lyrical & Go Mainstream

(AllHipHop News) The discussion on the fall of lyricism on the mainstream rap level has been ongoing for years. People on both sides of the debate offer examples on why either the mainstream is at its lowest level in history or why some newcomers are carrying the baton of great lyricists.

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One Baltimore rhymer appears to believe the days of great lyrical emcees crossing over may have reached its peak. In an interview with HipHopDX, King Los shared his opinion that one of Brooklyn’s Finest and an ATLien are the last of a dying breed.

“We think it’s Jay Z and we think it’s Andre 3000, if you want to really be real,” said Los about the two rap legends’ ability to reach many different demographics. “The people who know actual music, the musicians love Andre 3000. The singers love Andre 3000. The poets love Andre 3000. All those same muthaf**kas love Jay Z. These n***as figured it out.”

Earlier this year, Crooked I (aka Kxng Crooked) shouted out Lil Wayne for what he saw as Weezy’s contribution to bringing a focus on lyrical ability back to the mainstream.

“In the super-famous realm, I don’t think that those fans were getting any lyricism,” stated Crooked. “I credit and salute [Wayne] because when he was hopping on all those joints, he had some memorable one liners.”

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