Hip-Hop Rumors: Tahiry's Attacker Gets Slap On The Wrist

Tahiry Jose was assaulted a few months back and her attacker gets to walk away scot-free.

TMZ reports:

“The guy — Charles Suggs — pled guilty to assault this week for his brutal attack that left the model in a neck brace and covered with cuts and bruises.

Suggs copped a plea and got off with no jail time. He has to complete an anger management program and he has to stay clear of Jose for 5 years … or else.

Jose was backstage at the Toure Designs show in September when Suggs started arguing with her. He snapped, charged her and began throwing punches, dragged her down and kept wailing on her until the crew broke it up.”

SMH. No penalty and homegirl is still going through therapy…?

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