Solange Reacts To Getting Hit With Tax Lien

Solange got hit with a tax lien and she ain’t even know it.

Looks like when TMZ broke the news that Solange got a tax lien, it was not only news to us, but news to her as well.

The pap site reported that the tax lien for $55,000 was filed three days after Solange married her husband, Alan Ferguson, for unpaid taxes in 2010-12 in California. Bey’s little sis didn’t have a clue about the tax lien and found out about it while surfing the internet. She made light of the situation though when she took to Twitter after finding out she owed Uncle Sam money.

solange tweet 1

She even sent a shout out to the hip-hop site who unknowingly informed her of her tax woes.

solange tweet 2

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