Master P Offers Reward To Help Solve A Murder Case

To prevent an unsolved murder from turning into a cold case, Master P is offering a reward to anyone who helps solve the murder of 22-year-old Charles Fambrough. Fambrough, who resided in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed on Christmas day in 2012.

The entrepreneur hopes that offering this reward will inspire someone to come forward with details about the murder.

“Somebody sitting around bragging at home thinking it’s a joke. It’s not a joke,” the No Limit CEO told WHAS 11. “You took somebody up from somebody’s loved ones that really miss that person that should be here with their family.”

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The amount of the reward has not been revealed but Master P is willing to pay “as much as necessary” to help find Fambrough’s killer. He recently teamed up with Fambrough’s fiancee to give bikes to Loiusville children for the holidays.

Fambrough left behind a now 3-year-old son.

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