Action Bronson Talks Weed Edibles, Wanting To Produce Records And More (VIDEO)

B Real kicked off the New Year with a puff-puff-pass session with dynamic duo Action Bronson and The Alchemist in The Smokebox. 

With Action Bronson being a chef and a proud partaker of the gangja, it was only right that they discuss weed edibles. The “Easy Rider” rapper said he wouldn’t mind authoring a book on the art of combining marijuana and fine cuisine.

“I wanna dedicate an entire cookbook to that,” said the Queens emcee. “Think about it. When somebody hands you edibles what is it? Candy. What about eating a fucking beautiful pasta with a taco with some salsa inside? It’s (edibles) too much. It’s rich. I don’t know if I’m or high or I’m hallucinating because there’s so much sugar in my body.”

Action also revealed that he wouldn’t mind coming from behind the mic and hopping on a beat machine.

‘I always had the music in me. I just didn’t know it and now I feel like I could produce if I knew how to use the fucking machine. I got the ear to hear certain things I just can’t use the machine.”

Watch below to hear Bam Bam chat about his love for wrestling, possibly making beats, his Fuck, That’s Delicious show coming to networks, The Alchemist’s love for hockey and more.


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