Lawsuit Claims Revlon CEO Dislikes "Blacks, Jews & 'Dirty' Americans"

A former Revlon employee has filed a lawsuit claiming that the cosmetic company’s CEO/President Lorenzo Delpani made racially charged comments about the Jewish community, Blacks and Americans in general.

According to former chief scientist Alan Meyers, Delpani made a number of racist comments including,  “Jews stick together,” “America is a small and dirty-minded place” and that he could “smell a black person when he entered the room.”  Meyers, who is Jewish, alleges he was targeted and unjustly let go on December 10 only after voicing concerns over the use of potentially harmful materials.

He also claims Delpani bullied him in front of other employees including; “forcing him to act as a human easel during a business meeting” and “being forced to hold a whiteboard above his head for approximately 30 minutes.”

A native Italian, Delpani became CEO in 2013 although he reportedly hated living in America. According to the Daily Mail he “couldn’t wait to get back to a ‘real’ country.”

Revlon spokesperson Kiki Rees says Meyers is simply upset at being let go and that he “repeatedly demonstrated critical lapses in judgment and failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees.”