Watch Gucci Mane Show Off His Boxing Skills (VIDEO)

As Gucci Mane continues to serve yet another jail sentence, video of him and a boxing trainer going at it in the ring has surfaced. In footage shot by Atlanta photographer/videographer Cam Kirk, La Flare is delivering some mean left and right hooks in the boxing ring. Along with filming the video, Kirk also snapped some pics of the Trap House rapper throwing jabs, which are up for sale on at his online shop.

Peep Gucci Mane turn into Gucci Balboa below.

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40 Responses to “Watch Gucci Mane Show Off His Boxing Skills (VIDEO)”

  1. water_ur_seeds

    Its good dude is trying to get in shape, boxing is the best form of fitness…

    He should tuck his elbow in when hes jabbing though, and when he throws the cross he loading up too much, if he was to miss the target he would be fckd…

    The hook to the body looks decent though…

  2. Brindle

    WHY DID THEY SHOW THIS? for those that have boxed or done MMA, you know this was super wack… too many instances where he threw off Gucci’s movement and where gucci threw off his movment, they both beginners

      • Brindle

        I got a 3 males from a Jeep line and 4 females from a line from Heinzl… Just got a Gotti line for my wife, she loves the little pup but that’s not my style, probably won’t breed her

      • EDOGZ818

        That’s what’s up! I was thinking of getting a gyp off Gr Ch Tango & her daughter to Ch Angus Depot.

        Holla if you want in!

        Check out some of my blood on FB ( PayCheck Kennels )

  3. Bryan Strive Bradley


  4. tra mo

    Gucci mane look like a pokemon lmao I see young scooter in the back joking and laughing the ones can’t fight always wanna joke and giggle

  5. Dark Matters

    This dude has a man boob in the middle of his abdomen. One shot to that will send all those medical potions back up into his esophagus. Good look on the fitness regime, but you need to detoxify first, Gucci.

  6. gohard1s

    Nigga uh get his weak ass beat to a fuckin pulp here in Detroit wit them weak ass punches lmao by one of our lil homies

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