YG Fans Protest In Los Angeles For Not Being Nominated For A Grammy

YG’s major label debut My Krazy Life was a project that received a lot critical acclaim in 2014. It even was recommended by our community as one of the AllHipHop’s Ten Best Albums of the year. So shouldn’t YG’s project have at least been nominated for a Grammy? Unfortunately, the Awards committee didn’t think so, and released the set of Grammy nominations excluding My Krazy Life. That didn’t go well for the Compton rapper’s fans, which lead them to take stance against the Grammy snub. Yesterday, a group of YG fans wound up protesting outside of the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. The protestors used “Bicketing” as their term of action. The protest went viral via Twitter, and even had YG proud about the movement.  Peep the tweets below.

Do you think My Krazy Life needed to be protested? Let us know.



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