Eminem Facing Lawsuit From Hotstylz Member Over "Rap God"

(AllHipHop News) Raymond “Raydio G” Jones is suing Eminem for what he believes is the illegal use of his group’s song “Lookin Boy.” According to TMZ, the Hotstylz member claims Em’s “Rap God” samples the Chicago natives’ 2008 single without permission. Raydio is reportedly seeking $8 million from Eminem and his label.

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During a portion of “Rap God,” Eminem performs the exact same flow and bar set-up Raydio and his partners Krazee and Meatball used for “Lookin Boy.” At that point of the song, the beat even changes to resemble the one from “Lookin Boy.”

The similarities led to Hotstylz releasing the diss track “Rap Fraud” in 2013. “Rap Fraud” includes the line, “Hey, my name’s Marshall and I’m an addict. I steal people s**t without giving them credit.”

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Watch the videos for Hotstylz’s “Lookin Boy” and Eminem’s “Rap God” below.



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